Paris D Hunter from Designed by Paris

Paris D. Hunter

"How can I solve this problem?"

This question has led to me learn many things about myself, technology, my creative experiments and everything in between. This allowed me to grow my toolbox of skills due to the different experiences.

One thing I have noticed is that the best solutions tend to revolve around the combination simplicity, flexibility, and ownership.

Why Paris?

These experiences and toolbox guides me towards a stunning conclusion: “How can I put myself (and by extension, YOU) out of a job?”

Why would I willing work with someone who is actively trying to put me out of work!?

That’s the beauty of it… I focus on reducing the work NO ONE WANTS to do. Through automation, planning, software, and other tools, to minimize the wasted effort. This is the purpose of Simplicity, Flexibility, and Ownership.

For example, with Beautifully Engineered U, I knew the client wasn’t keen on learning Adobe Illustrator or vetting another designer when she wanted to change an ingredient on a product labels.

That’s why I set her up with the Avery system where she can change those settings and print them on a from the comfort of her home.

However, she has the original Illustrator files to manage future design changes either herself or with another designer years into the future.

That’s what it means to be Designed by Paris with Simplicity, Flexibility, and Ownership in mind!

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream."
- Khalil Gibran

You have seen the results but the next step is up to you. As the saying goes, time waits for no man. What you do today affects how you live tomorrow.