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Photographic Memories Remastered

Photographic Memories Remastered Photo

The Challenge

The original version of Photographic Memories (September 2018) focused more on the poetess, Tamara Lockhart instead of her written work. Additionally,  I felt that the original design was marred by using too much camera movement and different zoom levels. After spending some time learning new skills, I wanted to try a different, more balanced approach.

The Solution

For the remastered version for 2019, I wanted the book front and center. Additionally, I wanted Tamara's presence to be a part of the design, just not entire focus as in the original. Through the use of Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc), I was able to craft a unique and subtle design. 

You can check out the final video below in the next section.

Fun Facts

  • All of the poems by Tamara Lockhart are technically untitled. I call it "Photographic Memories" because of the content and the focus of the video(s).

  • The "picture" at the bottom of the book was added in post. Since the picture is actually a video (which you can see here on my Instagram), I actually printed a 4 x 4 inch all green photograph to use as the base during the actual shooting of the video.

  • The 'jerkiness" of the movement comes from the motion tracking added in post to make sure the video stayed within the parameters of the physical green photograph.

  • The green screen video is also a composite of 3 different files: 1) Tamara's face is from a black and white photo on her Instagram, 2) The Eiffel Tower is from a Paris, France stock video (along with the ground and pedestrians), and 3) the pink and yellow sky is from another Eiffel Tower picture.  I am fond of the end result. 

  • The water in the background is real as well. At the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you can find the Bronze Bowl With Lace sculpture by Ursula Von Rydingsvard near the West Entrance of the Main building. Sometimes, the mini waterfall fountains next to the sculpture will be on. The sculpture will be there until April 2020.

  • With Photographic Memories Remastered complete, I feel that I was able to get to the overall end result I was aiming for. And yes, I was the one singing. But the sequel song, Pretending is better in my personal opinion :)

  • Pretending will release in 2020. That will be the end of my project series on "Mouthwatering Desires". 

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