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Hi, I am Paris!

Welcome to my corner of the Internet where creativity and technology meet to deliver valuable results projects. 

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Paris D Hunter from Designed by Paris


Paris D Hunter from Designed by Paris



photographic memories remastered

Photographic Memories Remastered lyric video was created to promote Tamara Lockhart's erotic poem book, Mouthwatering Desires.

Photographic Memories Remastered Photo

The Intentional Wellness Group

 The Intentional Wellness Group was seeking a professional and attractive website with the ability to streamline in-patient processing. 

The Intentional Wellness Group on a gold Macbook Air

beautifully engineered u

Beautifully Engineered U wanted

a beautiful design to become 

the face of the brand.

Beautifully Engineered U Logo Designed by Paris

Philadelphia Museum of art concept t-shirt

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Concept T-Shirt was created as a fusion of timeless design and augmented reality technology.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Concept AR T-Shirt